Our studio undertakes the intensive preparation, until permission is granted, of all official documentation, certificates and project design which are needed to apply for any kind of municipal authorisation or licence.  Specialists in each sector see to the formalities and prepare the necessary documentation so that all the permits required can be obtained in as short a time as possible.

The applications will be followed up at both the local and autonomous levels until authorisation is obtained.

In the case of classified activities all necessary corrective measures will be studied and detailed so as to obtain the requisite favourable reports. Once the works have been concluded, and the relevant tests and noise emission measurements carried out, the termination of all the works undertaken will be certified and request will be made for the licence for initial occupation and for all the installations to become operational.

1.     Planning permission and licence to adapt premises

2.     Licences for classified activities

3.     Authorisation for installations

a.     Medium voltage electricity, transformer centres and lines

b.     Low voltage electricity

c.      Gas

d.     Heating

e.      Air conditioning

f.       Compressed air

g.     Fuel storage

h.     Fire safety installations

i.       Storage of chemical products